Color affects humans in all sorts of different ways: not only psychologically and physically, but also emotionally. Certain colors trigger specific reactions, which can mean the difference between drawing in and losing vital users. The importance of thoughtfulness when selecting colors for a brand, logo or website cannot be underestimated: it creates a positive image, and a recognisable one, something that users can connect with again and again.

Colors chosen with purpose can have a significant impact on the way users interact with a website; too much clutter leads to confusion, which can cause the brain to zone out, while too little color makes things dull and uninteresting. Classic shades saturate the market, with big names immediately associated with primary colors. Red is known to increase heart rate and represents ambition and passion, and blue has a soothing effect that’s associated with mental control and calm. These traditional colors have been used by these big brands to cement a reputation with users, and to say something about the products and services they offer.

More than ever, colors play an essential role in user experience online, as they affect memory, mood and brain stimulation. This is incredibly important for websites that utilise design to draw in users and augment their experience, like online casinos. 

These brands are moving away from traditional colors to embrace entirely new shades, thus changing the face of user experience. Some websites are highlighted in turquoise and orange: the former is associated with balance and liveliness, while the latter is vibrant, energetic and has a positive impact on mood. Some others have a background is a sultry mixture of oranges and pinks, the latter of which is thought to reduce feelings of irritation and enhance energy. There are also some featuring a pastel palette, with shades of coral, purple – which stimulates imagination and peace – and grey, which is associated with self-reliance and complements other colors gently. These are all ideal combinations to inspire successful gambling, as well as to set each casino apart from the other.

These unconventional but refreshing colors are carving out a new space online for websites that are taking user experience seriously. Dynamic and exciting colors like saturated orange and turquoise attract attention, so are best used for links, buttons and alerts. Pastel shades and desaturated colors, like rose pink and pale grey, can ease performance and enhance efficiency. In a market where any differentiating element is key to standing out, color is of primary importance. 

The Collateral View
Photo: Kamilla Oliveria