For some months now it’s been coming clear that the future of gambling is not just online, it’s mobile. The gambling industry is always quick on the uptake with new technology, moving swiftly to smartphones as soon as it had the chance. The market is more than just emerging, it’s arrived; in the past 12 months, over 100 mobile casinos have sprung up, with 2014 mobile gambling revenues thought to be in the region of $10 billion. What’s to stop, then, the next step being the creation of gambling apps for wearable devices? As this technology kicks off into the mainstream, and the popularity of online gambling continues to skyrocket, it’s only a matter of time. Apps for wearable device gambling are already on the horizon.

Wearable devices

apple-watchWearable devices are gadgets that have started to embed themselves in the modern technological landscape. Popular gadgets include Google Glass and smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear and Apple iWatch. Google Glass is basically an interactive set of spectacles that was originally designed to take pictures and video on the move; the device has some games preinstalled and has the potential to host gambling apps on its interface. Smartwatches do much more than just tell the time, they are attractive accessories that are essentially wearable computers. These technologies could be set to make waves in the gambling industry by changing the way gamers interact and play online. They would remove the antisocial aspect of bowed heads to smartphones, and allow gamers to play anytime, anywhere while going about their daily lives. 

Possible features

While smartwatch screens may be small, and Google Glass a controversial design, there’s no denying that they’re the perfect devices to host great gambling apps and their special features. Interactive gaming could be entirely possible between gamers, and the action could be entirely controlled by the very fact that the devices are worn so close to the body. The very design of these devices lends itself to a new generation of apps that will take into account the potential for movement and command features, like voice control, GPS and gyroscope. As the hardware revolutionizes the market, the software will grow to match, and the features will undoubtedly be unique to the devices.

There are brand new online casinos specially devised to perfectly suit laptops, mobiles and tablets, and it might just be one of the online casinos to pave the way in gambling apps for wearable devices. Until then, try the slots to bring home the magic.