Some people like dating. I know girls who treat it like a part time job, going on dates every Tuesday and Thursday nights and sometimes even on Saturdays. They sift through the rubble of New York men with hope and determination. They have 90 percent more first dates than second dates and most of the dates consist of coffee or a light snack, some sort of environment where you just talk and exchange information about each other: the beginnings of an excavation.

I haven’t been on a date all year so, technically, I am not dating. If I were allowed to ask guys out without being considered too aggressive, controlling, and a little nuts, my first date plans would include fun things like:harry-met-sally-01


What you learn about him: how he handles big crowds, his music tastes, his opinions on drugs and alcohol, his dance moves, what he wears.


What you learn about him: manners (does he help you with your bait and setting up your rod and does he even know how to do it?), his adaptability to the various mix of people who go out on group fishing excursions, seasickness, sense of humour about wasting a day not catching any fish, or if he is way into tanning.

Games (Darts, pool, Scrabble)

What you learn about him: competitiveness, strategy, knowledge and respect of rules of the game, his grasp of the English language, how he handles losing.

But alas I am not in charge, so my advice to guys who ask girls out on a date:

Have a Plan

Do not show up saying “where do you wanna go?”, “are you hungry?” or “got any movies?” Not a good way to start a first date. Make a decision beforehand; be in charge and have a schedule but be amenable to changes.

bad-first-dateDon’t treat her like a buddy

Do not show up for a first date in shorts with a misplaced baseball cap unless the plan is to go play hoops, which could be a fun first date but should definitely be mentioned in advance. Don’t bring her to meet up with your buddies. Now she is on a first date with seven guys, odds are one of them will outshine you.

Don’t be cheap

If you’re broke, you know you’re broke. It didn’t just occur to you when the menu was plopped in front of your face. Take your limited funds into consideration and know where you can and cannot afford to go. Be familiar with the expense of the evening so you don’t have to window shop menus, bum money, or split the bill between three credit cards with limited charging abilities. 

So there you have it, some top tips for first dates. Best of luck.

Kendra Cunningham