Anything is possible on a film set and sometimes the dance with death is inevitable. These five actors died while on the set of their film or television show.

1 John Candy was a comedian known for his roles in films like Stripes (1981) and Cool Runnings (1993). In 1994 he was filming what would be his last film, Wagons East!, in Mexico. Candy, the rest of the cast and crew had been filming all day in the scorching sun and didn’t stop until about 10pm. After filming, Candy went to his hotel room, had a plate of spaghetti, took a shower and was found dead the next morning with the cause of death confirmed as a heart attack on March 4th, 1994.

2 John Ritter of the sitcom 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter died while rehearsing for his role on September 11, 2003. Doctors misdiagnosed Ritter and treated him for a heart attack and that actually worsened his condition. They later detected that Ritter had an aortic dissection and died during surgery.

3 Comedian Redd Foxx was known for his explicit stand up in the early 1950s and 1960s, and mainly for his role as Fred Sanford in the sitcom Sanford and Son in the 1970s. In 1991, while filming his new show The Royal Family, Foxx suffered a heart attack. Cast and crew members did not believe he was truly having a heart attack as his character in Sanford and Sons often faked them. Foxx was pronounced dead in Los Angeles, California in October 11, 1991.

4 1993 cult classic film The Crow starred Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee. In one scene, Lee’s character, The Crow, enters his apartment and finds his fiancé in trouble. One of the thugs of the scene, played by Michael Massey, has a gun that was supposed to have blank rounds with live powder but no real bullet. No one checked the gun before it was used on set and a real bullet from the dummy round was still inside when Massee’s character shot Lee’s character in the abdomen. The death was an accident but still cut Lee’s life short. He was pronounced dead on March 31st, 1993.

5 Twilight Zone: The Movie was released in 1983, a remake of three well-known episodes and a new one. Actor Vic Morrow was already established in the industry, but after accepting his part in this film he was cut from the rest of his career. Morrow’s character, Bill Connor, was a racist who had to experience being a persecuted victim as a Jewish Holocaust victim, a black man lynched by the Ku Klux Klan and a Vietnamese man about to be killed by American soldiers. While filming the helicopter scene with two young children at around 2 in the morning, pyrotechnic explosions damaged the helicopter causing it to crash on top of them killing them instantly on July 23rd, 1982.

Cindy Ramirez