When thinking of movies we all think of the action, right? The interplay between characters, the rise and fall of moments, the crescendo. We identify with characters and consider what we might do in their position if that were our story, our unique tale. There’s another focus of film as well, which is never neglected but also never explored fully – the sex scene.
So in proper accordance, let’s speak of some of the most outrageous sex scenes in films. These scenes look so real that it is as if we are watching people having sex on screen.

5  Blue Is the Warmest Color

A Sundance hit, the film explores a budding, blooming, layered lesbian relationship, topped off of course with sex. Complete with a host of sensual scenes, we’re exposed to rimming, scissoring/tribbing and oral sex. It’s no wonder the film received an NC-17 rating. Inspiring the least flexible or boring bedroom buddy, the film certainly gives us much to reach for in trying new feats behind closed doors. Upcoming French actresses Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos undoubtedly made their mark and sparked some controversy while doing so. Such titillation provided for much drooling.


4  Showgirls
One phrase: midnight hot tub romp. Alright, while the movie tanked at the box office, the sex scenes will forever reign as some of the most outrageous. Elizabeth Berkley’s character shines as our rising star. While she has a lot of sex in the movie, what’s most notable is the scene in the hot tub. Plainly, the characters become guppies, splashing about. She’s inviting to his every move, as he’s equally receptive to her perfectly outwardly pointed toes.

3  American Psycho

While the white-collared killer is every drunken-one-nightstand-having girl’s nightmare, the sex scenes are rich with raw energy. We focus mainly on Bale who remains this sweaty, pulsating figure throughout scenes. Most notable is the scene he’s in with two women in which he’s flexing and admiring his self in the mirror mid-screw.

2  Monster’s Ball

This scene was epic, as we watched characters played by Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry have one of the most well-known sex scenes of movie history. The scene provides us with two emotionally broken characters of depressed economic state. Lighting helps to add to this tonality and overall muted state. As they have sex, it’s almost combative and violent, it’s so aggressive. He rips her underwear off and there’s a moment when she’s yelping that we almost fear the worse – that she’s not writhing in pleasure, but in pain. On the contrary, both characters fall into one another and thrust away every fear, doubt and uncertainty. They are enigmatic on screen and it looks all too real.

1  Unfaithful
Unfaithful provides us with the all-too-known tale of the unsatisfied housewife seeking passion from another, outside of her marriage of course. While we cringe and are fascinated by the web of lies and deceit she weaves, we are offered the lovely cushion of seeing just why it was worth it to risk it all. Unfaithful rounds off our list here because the scenes are wrought with one word: passion. Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez provide us with heat as the wife and lover entangled in an ever-growing affair. She’s an older unhappy woman, infused with life by a younger sumptuous man. 


Leandra Cameron