Viral advertising videos are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in technology and an awareness of how effective this marketing technique can be. MSC Crociere has jumped on the bandwagon with their new discovery season launching Keep on Discovering.

Overviewing a range of pictures that show the most comfortable spaces within the ship, such as the restaurant, the cinema and the large bedrooms, the video describes all of the sensations of their trips through the memories of teenage years: a concoction of strong emotions and awkward situations. Of course it’s just an illusory contrast, because on an MSC ship you can still experience these wonderful emotions without sacrificing the comfort of a “grown-up” vacation.

The ad cleverly compares the memories of the first teenage trips – recalled with a smile and a hint of nostalgia – with the experience (which is very different, but still emotionally involving) of an exclusive cruise. Anyone who’s happened, at least once in a lifetime, to sleep on an improvised bed, to clock up the miles and stay under the sun for hours to see a concert, or to save food provisions for camping from an ant attack will surely empathize with it: and while the narration describes moments of an often uncomfortable, but free and exciting youth, the pictures show how it is possible to still enjoy the pleasure of discovery and adventure while indulging in the comfort of an exquisite Mediterranean cruise.

Keep on Discovering, conceived and produced by the viral media company Mosaicoon, confirms how the viral ad trend will be distributed through an innovative channel: it will be hosted on a social video page, from which the users will be able to download the new material and product book while interacting with the video via their social profiles.

The video, now online here, will be distributed internationally. Check out more on MSC Crociere’s viral campaign here.