Graduating from university is a milestone in many young people’s lives. It’s a moment full of feelings of accomplishment for years of hard work, of sadness for leaving friends, and of anticipation for a life to live.

That’s the first day.

And then comes a bone-crushing anxiety I’m sure many others aside from myself are experiencing. With each day that passes with me sitting on my couch watching episodes of Catfish and 19 Kids and Counting, all I can think about is how I’m going to deal with post-graduation life. I’ve narrowed it down to five possibilities:

1  Wait out the misery

waitIt has to end eventually, doesn’t it? The feelings of fear and apprehension have to go away, don’t they? If I just sit here and let another episode of The IT Crowd or Bob’s Burgers play on Netflix, there will be change in the outside world that’ll somehow affect my aimless state of being without my having to put in any effort, won’t there? You don’t understand: applying to jobs is awful. I suck at interviews. If you leave it up to me, I’ll screw it up so the universe has to intervene and my time for glory will come. RIGHT?

2  Lose yourself in denialDenial

I’m just on an extended summer vacation. Wait…why doesn’t my school email work anymore? Why the hell do people keep telling me to make a LinkedIn profile? That’s like social media for old people. Living with my parents is temporary and I’m only working at the Dairy Queen that I worked at in high school because it’s super close to my house and I need pocket money.

3  Go to grad schoollegally-blonde2

A master’s degree is the new bachelor’s degree, isn’t it? So the only way I’m going to get a really good job is if I go to grad school. It’s definitely not because I’m clinging to the institution of education to organise and dictate my life schedule and goals. I just want to keep learning because you’re never done learning, okay?!

4  Apply to everything

jobTo whom it may concern:

My name is ___ and I am applying for the ___ position advertised on ___. I believe that the organisational and customer service skills I have acquired while working at ___ and ___ in the past make me well equipped for the position of ___. Although there are a million recent graduates my age applying to work for ___ (most likely because you advertised the job as being entry level), I can assure you that my degree in ___ from ___ University makes me just as employable as everyone else. Attached, please find my resume that I spent four hours trying to format properly. I look forward to hearing from you.


Desperate, bored and broke.

5  “Find yourself” in a different countryair

I’m pretty sure that the number of recent graduates roaming wide-eyed and aimlessly around the world in the next few months will be enough to fill a small country. If I had a nickel every time I heard “I just want to see the world” and “I want to experience different cultures” I wouldn’t be freaking out so hard about my future. Then again this is my chosen post-grad path, so I have to be honest: I owe a lot of nickels.

To all the recent graduates out there, a hearty congratulations. Try to savour this moment of triumph and accomplishment. And regardless of what path you pursue after school, remember: it’s yours to choose. You’ve worked hard and now it’s up to you to decide how the hell you’re going to live the next five plus decades of your life. And if you need some motivation to take control, here are some words of wisdom from the biggest BAMF out there:bad






Francisca Da Silveira