When your only forms of vision are sound, taste, touch and smell, finding a place to go on vacation isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Vacations for the blind and visually impaired are provided by several organisations like Travel Eyes and Mind’s Eye Travel.

Travel Eyes provides the blind and visually impaired with guides who assist them on their trip. These guides are responsible for describing in detail what the Coliseum looks like, how big the lion in the safari is and even where the chicken is on the dinner plate is located. These guided tours are what make vacations great vacations for those of us who can’t see.

Where are some of the most beautiful places on earth for the blind and visually impaired to visit?

Meribel-Mottaret: Skiing in the Three Valleysmeribel

While browsing through the selection of vacation places available on Travel Eyes, I came across a beautiful image of Meribel, the world’s largest skiing area in the French Alps. The Meribel-Mottarett is locally known as the “Heart of the Three Valleys”. Now how can someone without the ability to see the grandness of the slopes enjoy spending a vacation here? With the simple fact that a place like Meribel provides the blind and visually impaired the ability to ski. Almost every time I’ve gotten on and skied down less than ten-foot hills, my eyes have been closed, mainly out of fear, but there’s that same quick rush. You can get on the ski lift with your guide and once you’re off, you can feel the grandness of those slopes even though you cannot see it. Being able to feel the cold and the speed as you race down the slopes is how it’ll be possible for you to enjoy this location.

Kerala: The Spice Garden of Southern Indiakerala

Another beautiful vacation spot listed on the Travel Eyes website is Kerala, an area in the south west region of India. What makes this vacation spot great for the blind and visually impaired? The beauty of this place comes not only from the feeling but from the smells. In this guided tour with Travel Eyes, the itinerary includes a day in which you can go on an elephant ride and tour a spice plantation. Elephants are one of the largest animals in the world. For anyone, to get on one would be to feel invincible. The tour of the spice plantation is a wonder for the nose. Visitors are able smell the wonderful spices used in Indian cuisine. The combination of the sensory tour and riding on an animal as majestic as the elephant will make this vacation for the blind and visually impaired life changing.

You can visit any beautiful location of the world as long as you’re willing to work with the tour guide and simply enjoy the beauty that the world can offer without the ability to see.

Cindy Ramirez