So I heard something the other day that surprised me: celebrities are people too. I know, it shocked me as well! Sometimes they have good days, sometimes they have bad days. The only difference between their bad days and ours is everybody gets to hear about them. There are multi-million dollar industries dedicated to telling everybody about these people’s bad days; there are even those who try to make these people’s days worse so we can hear about them – their whole lives, their whole careers are dedicated to telling you if Tom Cruise had a bad day. Now, not all these people are saints. Tom Cruise may actually be an asshole, but who cares? Well, it seems a lot of people do, so let’s take a look at some of the most recent career-destroying moves. But keep in mind there are two sides to every story.

Christian Bale

This one made the rounds all over the Internet a couple years ago. Makes him sound like a dick.

Benefit of the doubt: Hey I’d be frustrated too if I was part of killing a beloved franchise.

David O’Russell

“I’m a collaborator,” has become one of my favorite phrases. Ever. It’s such an amazing thing to yell. Way back when Lily Tomlin kicked up a fuss about being in the amazing I Heart Huckabees, things got heated, and yes, the cameras were rolling.

Benefit of the doubt: Lily, don’t fuck with a director’s vision. The guy’s last three works all went on to be nominated for Best Picture. He has also helped win awards for both Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, so he must know how to collaborate on some level.

Mel Gibson

He did a lot of stuff. I don’t even know which one to bring up.

Benefit of the doubt: Well… This one is pretty bad…

Bill O’Reilly

Would you expect anything less?

Benefit of the doubt: Maybe deep down inside he’s a really great person, you just need to get to know him? He seems to have won over John Stewart.

At the end of the day, just be glad somebody isn’t judging every word that comes out of your mouth (and giving you millions for it). 

Dan Kilberg