Music is life. Life is music. The 1920s brought music to visual life, however, it was in the 1980s that we dared to blend music with our deepest fantasies. Watching a sexy artist entwined and gyrating captivates our senses and puts us in paradise, even if only for four minutes. Here are 5 of the most outrageous sexy music videos ever:

5  I’m a Slave for You by Britney Spears

The midriff-bearing teen in a sauna with beautiful people made Britney an instant, international sex symbol.  When things are good, everything is sweaty.


4  Trading Places by Usher

Usher illustrates the strength a woman has when taking charge. Once you release the inner dominatrix of a woman, the gorgeous man ends up naked on a flight of stairs.


3  Dirrty by Christina Aguilera

Need we say more?  Everything that is part of our inner, dirty thoughts was brought to life in Dirrty‘s video, turning Christina into an instant unadulterated vixen in tiny little outfits, dancing suggestively and dripping wet.


2  Wicked Games by Chris Isaak

A half-naked supermodel, a shirtless rocker, soft melodies and an empty beach: this is a harlequin novel come to life.


1  Justify My Love by Madonna

Even though it was banned by MTV, Justify My Love from Immaculate Collection became Madonna’s 9th chart topper. The whispered vocals of sadomasochism and bisexuality gave justification to all kinds of loves.

Irene Rodriquez