Filmmakers have always had a knack for transforming their vibrant creativity and inspirations into a visual spectacle for all of us to enjoy. Modern day revolutionaries that are familiar to most of us include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and James Cameron; but even they have had role models to look up to, and none more influential or prominent than Federico Fellini.

Truthfully, the work of Fellini is something that may have gracefully fallen out of the scope of everyday people, but for directors his collection has always been held in great admiration. This Italian-bred movie director was renowned for his critiques on the socio-political landscape while also being one of the first modern day filmmakers with an inimitable cinematic style to focus on the typical struggles in contemporary life.

The unwavering appreciation for Fellini’s body of work can best be seen in his nostalgic childhood memoir Amarcord, which offered a sometimes perplexing yet equally enigmatic view on the lives of 1930s Italian citizens. What made this film spark the interest of fellow directors was its profound insight and simplicity to showcase the experience of losing a parent.

To completely understand the sphere of influence this director has had on his viewers it is important to look at the movies he’s brought to life. For this legendary filmmaker his widespread inspirational classics range from , a montage of memories, dreams, and fantasies, to I Vitelloni, a comedic drama that explores the uncharted territory of life outside of a traditional Italian existence, and finally Giulietta degli Spiriti, a critique that analyses the subconscious of a wife who realises her husband’s philandering ways. 

Once these various film topics are understood, it becomes clear as to why Federico Fellini is such a large influence on film directors as diverse as Woody Allen to Bob Fosse. It’s not just the use of cutting-edge technology that transcended Fellini’s films into greatness, but instead the way he inspired countless other imitations and generic knockoffs that prove testament to the emotional impact his films carry.

Travis Kowalski