Sometimes TV can throw some serious truth in your face when you least expect it.

Blanche Devereaux The Golden Girls

Will there be men there?

I’m pretty sure this is a question Blanche asks in every episode of The Golden Girls and she’s always given the “oh, give it a rest” look from Rose and Dorothy. But let’s be honest, she’s saying what all of us single ladies are thinking. Blanche’s desperation and what I can only describe as sexual verve always makes me question the state of my own love life – and it’s usually not nearly as exciting as hers.


Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls

Wow, smart girls are mean

Who didn’t daydream about living in Stars Hollow, having a usual at Luke’s Diner, and being bffs with Rory and Lorelai? I know I did. I sympathised most with Rory, having also been labeled the “smart girl” early on in life. What this show made me realise – through Lorelai’s quirky parenting methods and advice – is that being smart doesn’t necessarily mean being a pushover. Just look at Paris – I definitely wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.


Phoebe Halliwell Charmed

The real world better start showing me some respect otherwise I’m going to stop saving it every week

Maybe it’s because I have two sisters or maybe it’s because I’ve always wished I had secret powers, but man did I want to be a Charmed One when I was younger. Not only were they hot (I mean, it’s Alyssa Milano!) but they also commanded a level of respect from everyone, good or evil. My motto? WWPPPD – what would Piper, Page, or Phoebe do?


Ryan Atwood The O.C

Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds

As a man of little words and even fewer facial expressions, this is a classic Ryan Atwood line. It’s characters like these – stoic, broody, poignant in just the right moments – that make me realise that you can say a lot by only saying a little. And also that most people talk way too much, but not in the endearing Seth Cohen kind of way.

Danny Castellano The Mindy Project

Myface, tweetster, hash bags, I don’t care

Pretty much every line from The Mindy Project makes me lol. There are a million gifs out there of Mindy’s one-liners, and while I think she’s brilliant, it’s Danny who’d be my spirit animal. That in and of itself makes me wonder what went wrong in the first quarter of my life when I connect more with the macho, emotionally crippled Staten Islander than I do with the loveable, quirky Dr L. Fiercely protective, glasses that snap at the front and no social media comprehension? Yeah, I’d choose you any day Castellano.


Francisca Da Silveira