Wage slavery is a terrible evil that has been a part of Western society for centuries. It has only been recently in the long span of human struggle that wages have been given at all, and nonetheless does the machine of post-industrial society crush its own gears and components! It undermines the integrities of its working parts! And still, wage slavery continues to thud onward. You may be thinking of entering, or re-entering, the wage slave arena. You may be thinking that this is a good idea. Well it’s not. There’s a revolution to build!


4 pointers for the perfect interview:

                1  Hold your ground

They give you money in exchange for your labour, not your identity. Adhere to your environment, but be firm in yourself. Be comfortable. Ask your interviewer a few questions. Let the conversation bounce between you all. Know your limits. But also be willing to compromise.

                2  Use a mixture of confidence, humility, and salesmanship

You are selling yourself. Those court-ordered hours of community service really inspired you to take action in your life. Your health is what you have; you’re getting older, you deserve respect. You know you will get along great. You understand the role or program or machinery they are implementing, you love the clientele. The perfect mix of confidence, humility, and salesmanship will land you the position you are looking for.

                3  Eye contact

Use it. Wisely.

                4  Be interested, not desperate

The position’s association to your skills, past and talents are top priority. If you feel that the organisation’s mission completely compromises your principles, or you find yourself for some reason unable to perform the task at hand, you will end up leaving the position. If you don’t think you’re right for the job, don’t apply.

Unfortunately, however, one might find themselves to be a beautiful snowflake ticking around in the massive financial and metaphysical clock for far too long. In which case, you are doing a terrific job taking action to kick-start your life. Stability transforms into routine, routine into comfort. Gotta love it. It’s beautiful, like you, impressive cognitive supercomputer.

 Austin Okopny