These are the top 5 most groundbreaking and influential use of special effects ever to be used on film. The videos on this list have won countless awards and are unprecedented in staging realistic effects on camera… 
5  The special effects of this particular video turn would-be monotonous anti-climatic home videos into something so adorable you’ll have to spend the rest of the day hiding under your covers because it’s too cute. This dad has transformed videos of his kid into everyday goofs of a child action hero.
4  The onscreen deaths in this movie would make you swear that they actually killed people in the making of 1972’s Kareteci Kız (Karate Girl).
3  This scene in the film Troll 3 revolutionised how explosions with helicopters were conducted. Every movie that had an exploding helicopter had to be edited or re-filmed after this game changer of a scene was released. 
2  This video’s special effects are so realistic that it’s debatable special effects were even used. This video evidence of a Sasquatch can only be assumed to be special effects due to the elusiveness of any other physical evidence of this animal’s existence.
1  WARNING: Sit on a toilet prior to watching this video as you are extremely likely to sh*t your pants watching this. This scene is so gruesome that the murder depicted in the scene is still being disputed in courts as to whether or not it occurred or was just staged for the film. This scene dwarfs any onscreen movie death that has ever occurred on film. Your eyes will bulge out of your head nearly as much as the victim in this scene in watching this.


Michael Sainato