In this day and age, it’s hard to believe people blush anymore. From self-produced YouTube videos, an overabundance of amateur porn, Tinder, crappy style fads – you name it, we accept it. It’s just you being you. Even in today’s “c’mon and shock me” culture, there are a few social taboos that still make us cringe.


Public personal hygienehygiene

Forgot your deodorant? You can put that sh*t on while you wait for your Dunkin Donut order. Something caught in you back molar? Whip out that dental floss in line at the Post Office. You don’t give a f***. Haven’t cut your toenails in six months to a year? Why not ride the subway and utilize the nail clippers in your coat pocket? That’s time management.


datemeGirls asking guys out

Ok yeah, it’s 2014, girls are sexually empowered, whatever. Can we make men still act like men in this one scenario, pretty please? Point being, once a relationship gets underway, most of the work is done by the woman. Why alleviate the one self-motivated challenge? You’ll probably never see that side of him again. Let’s not coddle these manboys, ladies.



Extensive phone chatterwoody

Cell phones on speaker phone, bluetooth, even the old-fashioned phone to the ear: talking extensively in public on the phone is rude, crude and wicked annoying. These time-sucking convos are usually not worth eavesdropping on either. I’d rather listen to myself chew. Keep phone chats short or at least below conversational level. This is common courtesy people.


Blowing your nose into the windmrbean

People do this. How is this possible? How does one learn that covering one nostril and forcibly blowing mucus out of the other INTO THE WIND is acceptable human behavior? I mean, are there families out there with a strict NO TISSUES policy?


Guys adjusting their ballsballs

Or whatever the hell they are doing. Don’t touch your junk in public. I don’t care if your hand is in your pocket, we can still see you. You must’ve left your magic pocket jeans at the itchy ball convention.


Asking for The Numbernumber

Number of sex partners that is. If you think you are with a player, you’re with a player. Sexual history is information that should be gathered with finesse over time, not in a rapid-fire succession of questions. Although I have been guilty of that technique in the past, the end result is never accurate. Plus, we should all be practicing safe sex right? If you think your potential lover is dirty, well, maybe you are too!


Kendra Cunningham