Originality is becoming more elusive to maintain when it comes style. Everyone who embraces the art of dressing understands that trends can enhance any wardrobe. But when what’s “trendy” becomes messy, disaster can strike. Below are some ways to avoid that.

lipsTrying to look trendy

We can easily spot the underage teen trying to get into a club. How? They try hard to look like an adult. Picking a trend that speaks naturally to who you are and owning it will feel effortless.

Trend tip: If you love makeup but have never tried a bold lip, give it a go! Just remember to exfoliate and use a lip liner. Cracked lips that bleed are unfortunate to sit across from on public transport. So be courteous to your temporary neighbours – it’s good lip etiquette.


nailsThe YOLO concept

Yes, you only live once. But going “hard” on a trend is like waving a huge flag that’s screams “I’m a rookie trying to look trendy”.

Trend Tip: Nail art is a trend I love at the moment. The attraction to this look is the creativity behind it. Just don’t forget that rules always apply. Pick a theme and stick to it. Cartoon characters and rainbows (unless it’s ) on your nails at the same time is best avoided. A blinged out bow should be embraced!


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Wearing wigs and extensions is old news, especially in the African American community. In the past few years it’s become a “thing” and is celebrated by the media. So naturally everyone wants to try it.

Trend tip: This is the thing – confidence is king when it comes to wearing someone else’s hair. Working your momentary tresses is a must. If not it will wear you like a pair of six-inch stilettos on a sneaker lover. We all know how painful that can be to witness and experience. If you don’t believe it, neither will we.


Know your body type

Yes, you’re beautiful and confident and sexy, that’s great. It truly is, but everything isn’t for every body. Literally. Be honest with yourself before someone else will.

Trend tip: I adore a crop top look! But if you’re jiggling baby, please cover it up. You don’t need to sport six-pack abs, but you should be toned to pull this trend off well. Rocking a low cut version of this style can help camouflage recent meals and is a classier spin on this look. 


The BOGO concept

Many people have combined several trends together successfully and they appeared well styled, not trendy. Great for them, but in the beginning less is more.less

Trend tip: Think of a yellow light and slow down when rocking a trendy look. Anything exceeding two trends worn together at once can backfire quickly. Who misses trucker hats, large rhinestone buckled belts and UGG boots worn at the same time? I’ll wait. Exactly my point, no one does because it was too much.


The best way to avoid making rookie mistakes when trying to look trendy is to embrace all that you were created with. Treat the trend like a tip, by remembering it’s in addition to what’s already hot.

Bonus: No matter what you desire in life, and how relevant you wish to be, leaked sex tapes are never trendy and should be avoided at all cost.

Shantay Alicia