Everything beautiful in life comes with a colossal price. For my son’s birth, I bartered my perky breasts, tight bum, and flat abs for gummy smiles and unconditional love. 

Who knew being a mom would fill my heart with joy, while dragging me to the pits of Insecurity Hell.

The day of realisation occurred when I courageously ventured out to purchase Pampers at Target on a weekday. Completing the transaction, the associate gave me a pitiful smile of congratulations that resonnated through my soul. People are supposed to happily congratulate the mother on a job well done for not accidentally killing their baby.  

Timidly looking around, I noticed I blended quite well with the younger, post-school day crowd, rockin’ my sweat pants, purple Marmot coat, and last year’s Uggs.

Oh my goodness! I am an educated, thirty-one-year-old woman, I am not a teenage mother! Running home with Pampers in hand and baby in stroller, I vowed to be a cool mom and confident wife. Desperately, I was in need of major grooming and a wardrobe makeover.


Here are the seven essentials to renewing your wardrobe: from outrageous 20s, to cool and confident 30s:

    • 1  Maintain a strict grooming schedule – wax everything and get a fresh hair cut. Skillful maintenance allows you to look decent in sweat pants and your husband’s t-shirt.

      2  Honestly look at your closet. Throw out anything you haven’t used in six months. Keep maternity clothes in a bin, just in case you’re in that situation again.

    • 3  Supportive underwear are your new BFF.  One word: SPANX.  Purchase bras in your new breast size and underwear that keep the jiggle under control.

    • 4  Transitional basics are a must. The quick and easy for any lifestyle: white t-shirt, dark jeans, pencil skirt, neutral colour purse, fitted jacket, classic pumps, rider boots.

    • 5  Do not allow colours or patterns to intimidate you. Venture out, add one piece of colour into your outfit – a colourful bag, belt, or earrings. Wear those sexy-mama heels you purchased on a whim with your white tee and skinny jeans.

    • 6  Mix and match pieces for more options. Have no fear, try new things!

    • 7  Tailoring is a must. Looking and feeling frumpy is never in style. Our body changes; we must keep up with the times.

Ladies, embrace your new lifestyle.  Thank the universe the hot-mess 20s are over.

Irene Rodriguez