All you need is love

It’s hard to read this phrase and not have the classic Beatles melody play in your head. It seems as though any time John Lennon or Paul McCartney put pen to paper, a masterpiece unfolded. thebeatlesWhen compared to the quality of modern songwriters, the possibility of recreations that can match those of artists like The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan are slim to none. So is it true that all of time’s greatest songwriters are stuck in our past?

I hope so.

Do a simple internet search for “great songwriters” and you will likely be met with a number of black and white photographs. There’s a reason we still hear The Beatles and Led Zepplin songs played on the radio, covered during open mic nights at bars, or sung in the showers of our very own homes. They have all created music that is truly talented and timeless, not videos thrown on YouTube or set to computerised instruments and noises.  

A great song that lasts through the ages has to be both musically pleasing as well as lyrically beautiful. The Beatles bobdylan.-piproduced albums full of songs with striking, compelling and oftentimes quirky lyrics and musical compositions. Their talent lives on and is just as appreciated today, if not more, because no two songs of theirs sound the same. The beauty of this comes from already knowing the trials and tribulations they went through in order to succeed.

So many artists – be it musicians, writers, or painters – are only really appreciated when they’re gone. Though Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are still alive – well, they’ve paid their dues to the music world as far as earning their place on the list of legends.

Though there may very well be renowned songwriters in the making today, it takes time to become timeless, and they simply haven’t put theirs in yet.

Alison Pierre