It’s hard to look back at the 90s without thinking about the great shows that defined our generation.

Bill Nye the Science Guy tackled all the questions we had about our world and environment. Why is the earth round? Why is the sky blue? Bill Nye the Science Guy was the cool, bowtie-wearing teacher who excited us about science. And after he got right into the point, he finalised all of his segments with a rocking music video.


For anyone who remembers trying to make their own soda pop with a serving of orange juice and baking ingredients, Beakman’s World was what we tuned into. It was the kind of investigative programming we loved because it was so hands on. Beakman was a mad scientist with a cool idea. And he gave us instructions on how to conduct our own experiments.


Gotham City and the world of DC Comics came to life in the 1990s with Batman: The Animated Series. A fun, action-packed television series with a unique quality to it that made it ageless. 


Having a crew and being a part of something was important in PBS’ Ghostwriter, a show about a group of young detectives who solved crimes and other mysteries in Brooklyn, New York.


And finally, this was a story all about how his life got flipped-turned upside down: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the kind of show that the grown-ups would stick around to watch with us. The comedy was centered around a fictionalised Will Smith who’s catapulted from his simplistic life in Philadelphia to live with his wealthy relatives in Los Angeles.


Over 20 years have passed since these childhood favorites went off the air. And although there are hardly any signs of a reboot in the works, chances are they’re already inspiring new original stories for the next generation.

Debbie Fleury