Dear summer,
I’m listening.

Considering I believe in mygirl former life I was a delicate instrument that precipitated feeling when played, it’s no wonder that I have such an emotional relationship with music. I love him and most of the time he loves me back. The first quarter of 2014 has left me pleased. Pharrell’s debut solo album GIRL is one of the few that I play straight through on repeat. I appreciate everything about this record including the constant groove. The slightly perverse slickness that was delivered on Gush has me eagerly anticipating freedom of expression in its purest form.

This brings me to an album I hope has a birth date this summer: X. xThe incessantly pushed back body of work by one of R&B’s most talented artists, Chris Brown. Yes, I am fully aware of his major legal woes and personal struggles. I still expect nothing less than an emotional roller coaster ride playing on his identity, a rebellion dance track or three, and a passion-filled sexy single that convinces most of us women (and a few good men) that bad boys really are more fun. My internal beat box tells me there is a summer smash waiting to be released outside of his latest single Loyal. I can appreciate the production on that track, but personally am not concerned that “these hoes ain’t loyal”.

While we wait in anticipation for C Breezy to give us something summer-ready and fun, it’s exciting to hear about the music world’s lettinggoresidential butterfly Mariah Carey’s release of The Art of Letting Go. In my heart I am secretly hoping for a continued version of The Emancipation of Mimi. Fun, free, flirty but filled with love for self, lost love and desired love. The single You’re Mine (Eternal) leaves me pleased to believe that Mrs Cannon will not disappoint. In my mind we’re on the same page for a feelgood, love-filled summer romance. She’s hot, I’m hot. She’s an Aries, I’m an Aries. She’s married to a rich, younger cutie pie with two adorable little kids known as “dembabies”. I’m…going to stop comparing myself to Mariah Carey who’s had 18 number one singles throughout her career of two decades and counting.

Shantay Alicia