In the endless sea of TV land, it can be difficult to sort through the weeds and find something worth watching. Here are some of my top choices for TV that just might make you think (more than let’s say The Kardashians):


Girlsgirls is the hit show that is everywhere, and as a young enough woman living in NYC, I like to think I identify with it. However, just as my life doesn’t emulate Sex and the City, it also doesn’t emulate these four girls and their sexual escapades and ever-changing professional endeavours. So while it’s entertaining and relatable in some ways, it’s more likely that you’ll find your life quite mundane compared to theirs, but we should be ultimately grateful for that as well.


30mins30 Minute Meals is my favourite cooking show, mainly because I love all things Rachael Ray, and also because she makes cooking fantastic meals in only 30 minutes look so achievable. Her chipper approach and time-sensitive awareness to cooking delicious dishes inspires us to stop ordering in and actually attempt to recreate a few of her recipes once in a while.




Happily married, successful city girl’s life turned upside down from an unknown orangemistake she made ten years ago? Talk about scary. Orange Is the New Black is a dark comedy that captivated my attention, making me question the security of my own life and realise that everything can change in just one moment. As we get older, we find ourselves feeling more responsible for our actions than ever before, and this show puts that in perspective.



Who moderndoesn’t love Modern Family? Even my conservative parents laugh out loud during their antics. This show is a comedic yet accurate portrayal of the new normal, and it has certainly challenged society’s conventions on what the standard family unit entails. I found that even though I already consider myself accepting of different kinds of families, seeing them on mainstream TV makes them even more ingrained as a regular part of our culture.


Homeland is a fascinating example of a strong, smart, and able woman taking on terrohomelandrism and fighting to protect her country. As inspiring as Carrie is, she is unfortunately also mentally unstable, making her an even more complex character to understand. While she breaks down many stereotypes, she’s still type-casted as an emotional wreck while the men on the show are portrayed as stoic and in control. Something to think about.

 Marcella Roney