Some dudes and chicks like dudes AND chicks.  Get the f*ck over it!


Sexuality is fluid.  That’s the last thing, and perhaps the most important thing, that any of us learn about sex.  I’m not saying sexual orientation is a matter of choice – absolutely not.  You are born with a predisposition for getting turned on by one sex more than the other – that much is undeniably true. 

But sexuality in and of itself is a tricky concept, and at the end of the day, no one is a one-sex-only love machine.  As human beings, we interact with and respond to the world around us, and sometimes beauty, charisma and sex appeal all have the ability to sway our sensibilities.

So you’re wondering what’s up. You saw a beautiful girl, or a painfully handsome guy, and you’re getting bells and whistles in places you usually wouldn’t. Are you bisexual? On some level, we all are. But here are 5 ways to tell whether or not your sexuality and inclinations are just a little more fluid than the rest of us.

1  You find yourself checking out both sexes. 

You’re not looking at their cute new dress, or their sick pair of new Nike kicks: you’re looking at them. Something about who they are compels you to watch them, as you would any object of your desire.

2  You find yourself thinking about both sexes. 

Yes, I mean like that, and no I’m not talking about when you’re sitting around playing Kill, F*ck, Marry, or Wed, Bed, Dead with your friends. You think about them when you’re alone, when there’s nobody around, when you don’t have to. You do it because you want to, and because it feels great.

3  Your own sexuality is not easily threatened.

Boys, girls, what does it matter? If someone’s hot, then why not? You don’t care what people think of you or of the choices that you make. Whoever’s in your bed is your business. 

4  You’ve already had a bisexual experience, and not for the attention. And you’ve liked it. 

You know how people are, they do sexy things in public for the thrill of the aftermath. All that attention feels great, but you were never into that, were you? Maybe your sexual encounter was a little public, or maybe it was incredibly private. Either way, you took part in it because you were curious about yourself, who you are, and what you like. You didn’t do it for the crowd, or because you’re in college and, hey, now’s the time to experiment. You had one, or many, of these moments because you wanted to.

5  You’ve already been in love with somebody of the same (or opposite) sex. 

This one’s the clincher. After all, bisexuality isn’t just about sex. At the end of the day, nothing is. If you get all hot and bothered by both genders, then yes – you are bisexual. But remember, bisexuality is defined both sexually and romantically.

Ultimately, no definition will tell you what you need to know about you and your sex life. The best thing you can do for you is to go forth, be open-minded, be safe, and have fun. Life is too short to be sitting around wondering whether or not you’re bisexual. Go find out.

Maria Loren