So what exactly happens to actors once they retire? It seems like one minute they were on the front page of every magazine, blowing up all of the gossip sites and gracing the whole spectrum of late-night TV shows in promotion of their multi-million dollar films, and the next minute it was like they vanished into thin air.

Well, you know what they say: all good things must come to an end and it’s in that spirit that these five legendary actors decided to escape the spotlight entirely by retiring in such a way that they escaped the incessant public scrutiny once and for all.


Rick Moranisrick

Okay, so the name may draw a couple of blanks, but he was everyone’s favorite geeky guy in the 80s and 90s, acting in blockbusters like Little Shop of Horrors, Ghostbusters, and the cult classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Unfortunately, the comedy legend left the film industry all together after his wife passed away to cancer and hasn’t looked back. Other than a couple of voice-over works here and there throughout the decade he’s been MIA in the entertainment world since 1997 and now dedicates his life to being a stay-at-home dad. 


Grace Kelly 1954Grace Kelly

Hollywood royalty nowadays rarely reaches the sheer height and stardom of Grace Kelly, who at 26 retired from it all to become actual royalty as Princess Grace of Monaco. Even though she swapped one public persona for another, her on-screen acting chops left the world perplexed and in a state of mourning once they made their swift exit out of cinema.



Joe Pescijoe

Sure, Pesci returned out of retirement for one film a few years ago, but just like his lapsed music career, no one’s seen him since. His roles in Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny and the unforgettable Home Alone showcase his consistently outstanding acting talents, which he sadly abandoned only to be swallowed up by an unsuccessful musical career.



shirleyShirley Temple

America’s little sweetheart made her abrupt move out of acting at the age off 22 and basically left everyone searching until her brief political stint as ambassador to the United Nations. Although she left way before her prime, her bubbly, radiant, precocious and always sassy characters continue to charm half century after their inception.



Sean ConneryMBDANTI EC003

Infamous as the secret agent 007, Connery left around a huge collection of box office smashes that only solidified his legendary status. Many have tried to coax the actor out of retirement over the years, but the 83-year-old actor prefers to live out his days out of the public eye.




Travis Kowalski