1  The Dreamers 
Bernardo Bertolucci, UK/France/Italy, 2003

When a film lover takes a look at a sentence with Bertolucci’s name and the word sex in it, they are bound to think of the butter scene in The Last Tango in Paris. But since I can get personal with this work here, I’m proud to introduce The Dreamers. I agree that it is not his masterpiece, but the story from novel by Gilbert Adair has such a strange, hypnotising magic.

Eva Green’s character’s first time scene is probably one of the most memorable presentations of this act in the 21st century. However, for me, the Venus de Milo scene is much more of a treat. I bet that getting head from young Michael Pitt and his sweet lips was or still is many girls’ dream. (Myself included).



2  Boys Don’t Cry 
Kimberly Peirce, USA, 1999

It was hard to choose just one girl-on-girl scene since Black Swan and Blue Is the Warmest Colour are out there. I finally made my decision based on the length. How can you resist Chloë Sevigny coming on a close up right in front of you for ages? In Kirby Dick’s This Film Is Not Yet Rated documentary, Kimberly Peirce admitted that the view was supposed to last even longer. Can you imagine experiencing something like that in real life?



3  American Psycho

Mary Harron, USA, 2000

When we talk about one-sided pleasure, it’s hard not to mention Christian Bale kissing his muscles, winking to his reflection in the mirror and correcting his hair style. And doing all of that, while two blondes are doing him of course.



4  The Matrix Reloaded
Wachowski Brothers, USA/Australia, 2003

In the world of audiences so jaded as they are today (and have been for 11 years) the Wachowski Brothers made a unique thing: they actually got viewers excited. And that’s without any boobs or vaginas all over the screen, thanks to montage of a wild post-apocalyptic party and an intimate close up suggesting that Neo and Trinity are actually doing it. I’m not really sure anyone expected that filmmakers can still make you that wet (or hard) with a hint of missionary position.



5  Dark Shadows 
Tim Burton, USA, 2012

I couldn’t resist not getting the seriousness off for the end. We’ve got a vampire (Johnny Depp) and a witch (Eva Green again) that haven’t enjoyed each other for ages. Effect? Broken glass, ruined office and a cigarette after. Indeed, Tim Burton gives us the best rough sex we could even imagine.



Mlle Scribbler