Every day is a moral dilemma. But we all seem to push forward and ignore the bigger problems that are right in front of our faces. If we really thought about morality in our day-to-day lives we would have a hard time buying clothes, let alone an iPhone. Things that bother most millennials happen on a much smaller personal scale. Other generations feel that we are the most conceited and self-absorbed generation to come about. But we still have problems. Questions plague us: “Do I use my roommate’s toothpaste instead of going out and buying my own?” rather than “How many people have inadvertently died to get me my smartphone?”
So here’s a list of the three biggest moral dilemmas that plague us 20 somethings:

1  Giving up your seat on the subway/tube/metrobaby

Example: You find a seat on a crowded commuter train home. It’s been a long day at work; nothing would be more gratifying than sitting and reading a book, but in comes a person who’s much more in need of a seat than you. S/he’s old, feeble, carrying a baby. Then that announcement comes on telling you to give up your seat for someone that fits their description. But you’d really rather not. Is it better not to acknowledge this person? It was yours first. Why is nobody else getting up? What did they do to deserve it? Live longer? Have a couple of kids? You could do that. You just choose not to. But what if they fall over? Possibly break a hip? Would that be your fault? Dilemma.

goggles2  Sleeping with someone who is more intoxicated than you

(or, does this person really want to sleep with me or did they drink more than I did?)

Example: You meet a special someone at the end of a night out who wants to go back to your place. They’re really into you – like, really into you. They’re so into you that they tell you how much they’re into you. But they’re also really drunk – like, really drunk. It becomes obvious by the time you get back to your place that their main objective is to get you into bed, to the point where it would probably offend them if you didn’t. Is this true love? Or are you taking advantage of a stranger? Would they be acting the same way if they were sober? Or are they the one taking advantage of your feelings? Does it matter? Dilemma.

3  Work for “The Man” or do what you want to do, unpaidman

Example: “The Man” is an ass. I don’t ever recall anybody ever saying anything nice about “The Man.” One day you find out he made you an offer that you shouldn’t refuse. He’d take care of all your financial worries and give you full bennies. But you’ve talked so much shit about him that none of your friends would ever take you seriously again if you started working for him. Are you comfortable with losing all “yr indie cred?”Are you also comfortable with helping the 1% get richer while the 99% get poorer? Or would you rather stay impoverished, broke, crossing your fingers that you don’t get hit by a car? But even if you did, at least your cred would still be intact. Dilemma.

Dan Kilberg