Did your ex-girlfriend change her Netflix password after you guys broke up? How are you supposed to get other girls to cuddle in bed with you even if it is for just 11 minutes or less? Well once again, the internet is here to save the day. Listed below are 10 Sundance short films that can either help keep someone next to you or just make things even more awkward.


High Maintenance from 2006, directed by Phillip Van and written by Simon Biggs, introduces us to a high-tech world where selecting a husband is as easy as making a purchase on Amazon.


In Late Bloomer sweat pours down our young narrator’s face all throughout this middle school sex ed class as we follow him and his classmates down the road to embarrassment. This short was directed by Craig MacNeill and written by Clay McLeod Chapman in 2004.



A member of Sundance’s Class of 2001, Lunch follows a man at work with a rather sexual appetite. We soon learn that his hunger was all for a cause. This short was written and directed by Matthew Ehlers.


Set in Brooklyn, Close (2011), follows a young couple’s moments before and after sex. The intense action and dialogue makes you wonder how close this couple really was.



The biggest mistake any man can make is made by the main character of the short Excuse Me, written and directed by Duncan Birmingham in 2011. 


Broken Night, directed by Guillermo Arriaga in 2013, introduces us to a mom and her daughter driving until an accident is caused by a certain Jane Doe. When help arrives, it is not all it seems.


Directed by James Blagden, this animated short from 2010, Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No follows Dock Ellis and his out this world trip during a baseball game.



Opera at its finest! This colorful short from 2013 directed by Daniel Moshel, MeTube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ serves as a music video filled with grandmas, robots and sex toys.



This animated short Crime: The Animated Series from the 2014 Sundance cohort is directed by Alix Lambert and Sam Chou follows our main characters struggle to get his car.



Drew Christie humours us in this 2014 animated short, Allergy to Originality, on the truth on originality in all art and literature. 


Cindy Ramirez